The choice of the name of our educational institution is firmly tied up with our vision for the child and education. In the natural world, grassroots are key to establishing a firm and flourishing field. For unless the ground is well-prepared for the grass to put down deep vigorous roots, establishing and developing a lush and healthy field is always going to be a challenge.

So when we start out to grow young minds, we will cherish and care for the development of foundational learning principles, so that our learners can be firmly rooted in sound values, and that will set them up for a future of the love for learning in our disciplined environment. And we emphasise that our discipline will not be stoic and harsh, but will seek to inculcate in the learners to be intrinsically motivated towards learning and achievement, indeed to teach discipline with love.

For it is in an environment such as this, that the grassroots will be firmly established for future thriving growth and development.