A vision is a dream, and we have great dreams for Grassroots Preparatory School. Vision-building is always a work in progress, for the adage of change being the only constant in life is true, but our foundational values underpinned by our philosophy in education will remain non-negotiable. Our Vision is to build well-rounded learners to prepare them for good citizenry, underpinned by the pursuit of excellence in literacy and numeracy, and its related disciplines.


To achieve our Vision, the following will be our Mission:

• We place great emphasis on reading as key to learning
• We will seek to develop numeracy skills of the highest order
• We regard all other disciplines as emanating from literacy and numeracy
• We will build an appreciation of the value of environmental education
• We will teach children to love the Arts, both creative and performing
• We will inspire our learners to pursue a healthy lifestyle both dietary and physically
• We will promote the use of technology as a means to learning
• We will teach children good citizenship practices, including the rule of law
• We will create space for creative thinking and innovative ideas
• We will encourage healthy recreational activities


This Vision and Mission is underpinned by the following Values

• Democracy
• Accountability
• Transparency
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Diligence
• Sincerity
• Inclusivity
• Equality