In the public school system, known as government schools, the South African Schools Act (Act 84 of 1996) require each school to adopt a Code of Conduct for learners. This is the function of the School Governing Body. Indeed, when Grassroots Preparatory School is up and running, the Board of Governors (which will include elected parents) will attend to this.

The Code of Conduct for learners spells out clearly and unambiguously the parameters of discipline informed by the Vision, Mission, and Values of the school, and will of necessity align itself with the philosophy of the school as spelt out earlier. However, it needs to be stated upfront that the school will have a broad and generalized Code of Conduct which will apply to all role-players, the learners, the parents, and the staff, and this will be underpinned by our education philosophy. Essential in enacting this Code of Conduct will be buy-in into the values that the school has been founded on, by all role-players. When parents decide that they see Grassroots Preparatory School as a sound vehicle to laying down firm foundations for life, learning, and good citizenship for their child(ren), they embrace the Vision, Mission, Values, and philosophy of the school and resolve to work in partnership with the staff to deliver the best possible outcomes for their child(ren).